Logging on from Longhorn Country

You didn’t get your regularly scheduled posts today because we were busy flying cross-country for our real job. And as soon as we stepped off the plane in Austin, there’s what we saw. They don’t do a lot of baseball. It’s all Longhorns. If you say the use the phrase ‘Colt Mccoy’ in the wrong sentence down here, you’ll get yer damn ass kicked.

Acutally, it’s a pretty cool place in the country.

At the Earl Campbell Bar there was an old cowboy playing CCR’s ‘Lodi’. It’s a bad ass song and even better to the tune of a redneck twang.

Stay tuned. Big times lie ahead. Saturday is a hallmark day for the site and soon after that we’ll start our 2010 team previews. Had the entire flight to read about fantasy baseball. Lindy’s gave the Reds zero respect. Not happy about it.