Why Guys Hate Valentines Day

I’ve put a lot of good, solid thought into this post. Why is Valentines day such a bummer for us guys? Why is it that after you’ve celebrated your first few, probably in high school; that it seems just to be ‘old hat’?
It’s because it’s as much of a lose-lose situation as there is for us. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably figured that out by now.

It also happens that to add to the caveat, V-tines day falls on a Sunday in which there is no football, no baseball, and we’re in an abyss of sports seasons for the NBA and the NHL. The same could really be said for College Basketball. We’ve got about a month until things really start to pick up. And it’s usually a dark, long, cold month that we have to wait out and only read about guys getting ready for their season in Florida or Arizona.

Back to this ‘holiday’ which was created by a card company to make money.

So you’ve got your lady, and she’s probably as special to you as any lady has been in a long while or you wouldn’t waste your time going that extra mile just to let her know she is special to you in the first place.