Will the Reds ever win another World Series?

The question is worth asking this day in age isn’t it?
People say that everything would have to fall into place. That’s what happened when the Reds won it all in 1990.
And to a degree, that’s exactly what we’d need to happen.
We’d need several veterans to find the health to play at an All-Star level that maybe they haven’t reached since their prime years, all the while being able to crawl out for 140-150 games.
We’d need the youngsters to all have their breakout years, and jump from having potential to becoming household names in the league.
Personally, we think that if the Reds don’t do it within this next 5 year window; when all of their young guys who they’ve been counting on to become great players at the Major League level are now at the Major League level, it might not happen in our lifetime.
We’ll talk more about this on the show tonight, but the Reds are in one of those very fragile years. This is an important season coming up. Sure, no one would be surprised if the Reds finished below .500 yet again and failed to be the sweetheart surprise team in baseball. We’re all used to that.
But if this team is going to make a run, they’re going to show something this year. All of the teams who are young and begin a run of greatness, they arrive a year ahead of schedule. Every time an organization tells you that the year they’re gearing up for is 2011 or 2012 (this happens in the NFL just as much as baseball), the young teams who end up having a window to compete always jump up on the radar screen a year or even two ahead of schedule.
So will the Reds ever win another World Series? If you can live five years, you’re about to find out the answer.