To keep a Prince, you must pay him handsomely

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a nice piece on Prince Fielder this morning. The message to Brewers ownership is simple: sign the guy. Now.
Take a look at the numbers that Prince put up as a 23 year old and 25 year old.
It’s funny, because our feelings have always been that this guy’s value is at least equal to his mammoth size. While Ryan Braun was the one taken care of in Milwaukee, Prince could just as easily have a case made to build the franchise around him.
Yet it was Braun who got the contract extension, and Fielder who was drug through the mud a little bit. Last offseason at this time there were rumors of him being traded to the Red Sox; a team he could easily end up part of should he not be locked up in Milwaukee long-term.
Brewers owner Mark Attanasio seems to know that Fielder is a special player.
“A player like Prince comes along every 10 years or every 15 years,” admitted Attanasio. “So you have to take advantage of it. It’s a great problem to have.”
Until you have to break out the check book. Be honest.
“We hope we can work something out with Prince,” added the Brewers’ owner. “I think he made a number of comments during our fan weekend that he loved it here in Milwaukee, so we’ll go from there.”
If I’m Fielder, I expect to get paid in the very near future or I’m going to walk to the open market and show the Brewers my worth by finding out what some of the big boys will offer to let me wear my big baggy pants in their city. How many teams in baseball could use a guy who is as likely as anyone in the league to drop 50 bombs through his prime years (years he won’t approach for another two to three seasons).
Prince is only signed through this year, and if he leaves town; Braun won’t be enough to make the Brewers a competitor. In essence, they’ll waste even having Ryan Braun through his prime years. Corey Hart and Rick Weeks won’t be enough to get it done around Braun.
They need a Prince.
Do the right thing Milwaukee. We’re speaking to ownership. Your fans deserve it. Offer Fielder $120 million over 5 or 6 years and see what happens.