Reds Truck Arrives in Goodyear

Do you all know what this is kids? This is the Reds equipment truck arriving in Goodyear, Arizona for Spring Training. This is a sign of good things to come.
Oh and take notice of the arrow. We know that girl. We used to work with her at the Cincinnati Bengals ticket office. Her name is Stephanie.
She’s preparing the Reds for Spring Training. We’re making sales calls and blogging about it. How far we’ve come.
Not sure that I’d ever want to really work for my favorite MLB team though. Then you pass from outsider to insider and you lose the gloss and neatness of the whole experience a little bit once you know the fellas. And plus the fact it becomes a job and not a hobby.
We’re happy with leaving MLB to being a hobby, other then of course writing about it.
…..56 more days