Friday's Show Guest: Zach Hall (Zizzy Mane)

This Friday we’re going to hold a very special edition of The Baseball Show by Diamond Hoggers. Our guest this week is Zach Hall, aka Zizzy Mane; and if you don’t know him now you will know him very soon.
If you enjoy hot beats, check out Zach’s MySpace page. Or iTunes. Or YouTube.
How does Zach tie into the baseball kingdom of Diamond Hoggers? Zach is the music artist who wrote Jay Bruce’s 2010 theme/batter walk-up song to be heard on the loud speakers in 2010.
The name of the song? “The Deal“.
That’s right, after the very moniker that we gave Jay during his rookie season. It seems that it’s caught fire a bit. We heard a preview of the song last night, and let us say that it’s going to be a hot item on iTunes when it comes out for release.
So tune in Friday as we kick around some questions for Zach Hall. It’s going to be a lot of fun.