Thank God for Addition by Subtraction

Today, I sent a text to my friend telling him that the Reds had traded Willy Taveras and Adam Rosales to the Oakland A’s. I didn’t tell him who we got in return. That wasn’t important.
His response?
“That’s awesome.”
And he’s right. It really didn’t matter who we got in return, even though Aaron Miles is a pretty good guy to have coming off of the bench. He was born to play in the NL Central.
But Rosales isn’t a guy who is ever going to do a lot at the Major League Level. Really nice kid. Just not a big leaguer.
And Willy Taveras?
Taveras would have been the whipping boy all year long. It’s clear that the Reds told Oakland if they wanted to complete the deal, they had to take Taveras off their hands. And Oakland complied. And then hours later they designated him for assignment. That’s how highly Oakland thought of Willy ‘automatic leadoff out’ Taveras.
The Reds just keep making good moves. Maybe a new era really is upon us.