How will your team finish according to the stats?

If you’re someone who likes statistics predicting future results, check out this post over at Revenge of the RLYW. Haven’t made a ton of stops there but it looks to be a hell of a baseball blog.
Couple of things. Jeese are the Yankees head and shoulders above the rest of the AL field or what? They’re 15-20 games better then everyone else save the Red Sox, of which they’re about 10 games better than.
Look at the Seattle Mariners winning the AL West.
As for our rascal Reds, according to Baseball Prospectus (PECOTA) and Revenge of the RLYW (CAIRO): both have them in second behind the Cardinals and winning 82 and 85 games respectively and just a few games out of the wild card. While not getting into the playoffs, this would be an excellent step forward and would get them out of the consecutive losing season funk they are in.
Are we drinking the kool-aid yet? No, we’re not. But it is encouraging to see that once again; statistics favor us not getting railed all year long. We’ve heard it before. One of these years we’re bound to have the numbers hold up.