If you remember the name Alex Cole, you remember the goggles

When I was a kid growing up, the Cleveland Indians were absolutely horrible. Their leadoff man was a guy by the name of Alex Cole. He was the equivalent of Steve Urkel in cleats.

He actually wasn’t all that hideous in performance (.280 lifetime average), more so just appearance and the fact that he was the leadoff man for the tribe in those awful early 90’s seasons.

He stole 40 bases in a season once, hit 5 career homers (with 4 of them coming in 1994 with the Twins) and played with the likes of Nomar Garciaparra, Jim Thome, Felix Fermin, Wil Cordero, Chuck Knoblauch, and Kirk Gibson.

And then he retired after a 1996 season with the BoSox in which he hit .222, the end.

He was Willie Mays Hayes before Kenny Lofton was Willie Mays Hayes. And don’t tell me you never thought that Mays Hayes in Major League was based on Kenny Lofton, cause he totally was. Or maybe in this case, Alex Cole.