Let’s do a Pitcher: The Dead President

Now it’s time for our first pitcher of the week. This one we’re going to submit from our own back pocket.

Does your team have a lead that it desperately wants to blow?

That’s where Mike Lincoln is always there in a pinch. I don’t care what inning. I don’t care who the hitter is. I don’t care about the count. I don’t care if the bases are juiced or if they’re completely empty and there’s two outs and all Mikey boy has to do is sit down one Punch & Judy to retire the side and get you to the closer.

The guy will fuck your lights out.

Last season (after two seasons of agonizing through Lincoln in the Reds bullpen), our buddy Tyler gave Lincoln a nickname/moniker acknowledging how brutal he was. He said that Lincoln was named perfectly because he pitched like a dead president.

From that day forward, he would be known as ‘The Dead President’.

Now some might say that Lincoln isn’t all that bad. His career ERA of 5.22 disagrees with you He will throw some breaking balls up there that are among the curliest and loopiest in the league. Seriously, some of this guy’s stuff just says ‘gap me’.

And as for why we threw his head on a Centaur’s body, your guess is as good as ours.