Darryl Motley was the epitome of nothing special

Darryl Motley is just a guy who probably is easy to lose in baseball’s vast history. That often happens to lifetime .243 hitters. Darryl, if you’re out there and you’re reading this, you can thank Diamond Hoggers and Hideous Ballplayer Week for your one and only blog post of devotion to your career.

Motley played for the Royals, which in the present day would be enough to enshrine him into a hideous Hall of Fame. But he actually played for the Royals in the mid-80’s when they were pretty nasty. In 1984 they made the ALCS, and in 1985 they won the whole damn thing, with Motley’s game 7 homer delivering a death blow to the St. Louis Cardinals in the ’85 World Series.

But we’re not here to talk about that. You know the drill. We’re here to tell you why he was bad.

Motley had a career year in 1984. He hit .284 that season and at age 24 he probably looked like he was headed for a really nice career.

But other then that season he was lower then dogshit. He racked up seasonal averages of .235, .232, .222, and .203. That’s what fans remember babe.

Another tell-tale sign of a hideous player? Look at his BB/K ratio. It’s always sure to be horrendous. Look at Motley’s. Check. He had 186 career walks and 67 career strikeouts.

When you factor it all together, the fact he was a Royals up and comer, the batting average with flies circling it, and those blue uniforms…. you get your next member to our little enshrinement of horseshit players.

*Special thanks to reader James for the excellent nomination.