When Rowland was in the Office, it was sure to be a hideous appointment

Welcome to Hideous Ballplayer Week. If you have a nomination of a ballplayer from the past who specialized in being unspectacular, tweet us the nomination or send us an email to diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com. Now enjoy our next nominee, Rowland Office.

Rowland Office was not as on-field hideous as most guys. His appearance and name definitely were. Look at those wrist bands. Looks like he belonged in the Four Tops, not Montreal shagging down flies in the outfield.
As we said, he wasn’t entirely hideous performance-wise. He hit .290 in a season where he collected 355 at-bats, and hit .281 the next season in which he collected 359.

By his appearance, complete lack of power, and position; wouldn’t you expect the guy to bring some speed to the table? Maybe he just wasn’t straight-line fast. He stole 27 bases in his career and was caught stealing 30 times.

His On Base was a smelly .315 while he struck out almost twice as many times as he reached base via the walk. It is no surprise a guy like this finished out his career in Montreal, could you imagine a guy who brought this little to the table lasting 11 years in MLB with the athletes we have on earth nowadays?

Guy was absolutely blessed to play during the disco era. If this is the first time you’ve heard of him, there’s plenty of reasons why.

Rowland Office, ladies and gentleman. He’ll be here all week.

Hat tip: mattyg2 from the twitter for the nomination.