The Baseball Show by Diamond Hoggers: Episode 1

Here it is folks, the first installment of The Baseball Show by Diamond Hoggers.

No guest this week, but we discuss some good topics such as Aroldis Chapman signing with the Cincinnati Reds (giving some love to our home team’s fan base) and the Mark McGwire steroids admission.

We’re going to do this show at least once a week on Thursday nights and maybe even more sporadically as things happen.

For show ideas, inquiries, comments, opinions, send us an email to Diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com.

  • talk about Grady Sizemore's naked pics. What a douche.

  • I agree with you about it not being dampered because of the use of steriods. Why? Because roids were talked at a minimal level at this time. Thats why, easy as pie. As for you being a huge fan, blogger, etc.. I cant see why you are on the fence on whether Mcgwire should be in the hall of fame. Hell no. Anyone found using steriods does not belong in the hall of fame period. its an insult to americas past time. Would he of hit those homers without the riods, I dont even have to answer that. So just do what you know is right, which is NO. How can someone be placed in the hall of fame knowing that some of his game was FAKE. Good show!!!

  • Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!