Throwing it around

You gotta love Thursdays. Honestly, they’re the new Friday. Thursday nights anyways. If I was still a drinker, Thursday night would be the night to do it. You don’t waste a weekend day being hungover, and I’ve always said you can get through one day of anything (your Friday workday, hungover). Tune in tomorrow to Diamond Hoggers for the Baseball Show; we’re recording the first show tonight and it will be on the site by tomorrow morning. Here’s some morning links:

-Carlos Beltran had knee surgery. [Metsblog]
-They’re hosting a wine tasting in the offseason at Yankee Stadium. []
-Russell Branyan looks like he’s leaving Seattle. [Lookout Landing]
-Christian Guzman is going to play some shortstop in 2010. [The Nationals Enquirer]
-Lou Piniella is trying to sell you on the Cubs being a big time contender next season. [Circling the Bases]
-How could a guy who just won the World Series be a “lame duck” manager? [Y! Sports BLS]
-Hal Mccoy says that McGwire didn’t really come clean. [The Real Mccoy]