Need. More. Hideous.

Maybe you didn’t hear us right everybody. NEXT WEEK IS HIDEOUS BALLPLAYER WEEK!

We need you to rack your brains and think of some hideous ballplayers from MLB’s past. Any MLB team, any MLB city. When you do, submit to us a hideous ballplayer or baseball story of your liking to our Twitter or at Diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com.

We’ve gotten a few submissions of some absolute trash pile players, but we need more! We want to carpet bomb the shit out of this place with guys who made a career out of being mediocre at best.
So let’s get going. We can only think of so many brutals.
Again, a reminder: it doesn’t have to be a player. It can be a story, an umpire, anything about the sport of baseball that was absolutely hideous in every way. Kind of like Eric Plunk.