You want more on the Aroldis Chapman signing? You got it.

A day later (and the day it was made official), we’re feeling the ripple effect of the excitement of our team for once being the talk of baseball. Of course, McGwire had to go and fucking ruin everything by anouncing shit we all knew for the past few years. But let’s not let that spoil it for us.

Keith Law of ESPN is saying that this gives the Reds maybe one of the top rotations in baseball around the 2012 season. There’s a chance to run out Homer Bailey, Chapman, Johnny Cueto, Edison Volquez, and Mike Leake around that time.

But we look at it in a different way. Scouts are saying that this kid could be a young Randy Johnson. They’re not concerned about his 5.82 or so walks per 9 innings and they think that Mario Soto can teach him a ‘cambio’ to go with his 102 MPH gas. We’re thinking that for 5 or 6 years maximum, he’s a Red. After that, if he does what he should do he’ll price himself out of Cincinnati just like CC Sabathia priced himself out of Cleveland and became the highest paid pitcher ever.

Think about what went on before Sabathia left Cleveland. The Indians had a nice window to go out and win championships didn’t they? Left handed pitching is hard to find, and left handed power pitching comes at a premium.

We think that Chapman could be our little NL CC Sabathia. There might be times when he looks like a fish out of water in the beginning. There might be times when doubt creeps in (see Homer Bailey). But overall, if their patient with this kid; he’ll have a chance to grow with the other young pups who have been arriving in the Queen City since the 2008 and into this 2010 season when you’ll see lesser-known solid prospects like Juan Francisco, Chris Heisey, and Logan Ondrusek burst on the scene.

We know what the Reds are doing. This time they make a big-time splash while adding to and stockpiling another young buck. They’re all part of the quest to bring King Arthur’s sword back to Chamelot. These young men are our knights.

This signing was the ownership group laying out the window. It might not be 2010. It might not even be 2011. But by 2012 and until about 2015, they’re gearing up for one of those Oakland A’s type runs. Trying to win with cheap, young talent that will be yours for a few years. If enough of them blossom in the same season within that time frame, you maybe have something special. From there, they decide who to keep into their veteran years.

The fun is about to begin.