Throwing it around

Someone give us the number of days we have left today until Opening Day begins. This is the point in January where honestly other then a few weekend NFL playoff games; sports hit a dead and dull lull. Beyond that, anyone sick of the parking lot slushie yet? That’s the worst. That black snow parking lot slushie. It’s brutal.

Ok, time for the links.

-Steve Trachsel feels vindicated for giving up the record bomb to McGwire. [IIATMS]
-I guess the Nationals were in it until the end on Aroldis Chapman. [Nationals Journal]
-Guess the Jeter marriage anouncements were premature afterall. [Circling the Bases]
-McGwire cried. Click for proof. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-McGwire: “When it’s all said and done, Pujols will be the greatest player ever.” [ESPN Sweetspot]
-Congrats to Bobby Costas on giving the McGwire interview. [Deadspin]