Batting Stance Guy masters McGwire’s eyes of intensity quite well

As you know, we fucking love Batting Stance Guy. Here he brings us a little piece of history. In the spirit of the recent McGwire anouncement, this is McGwire’s 62nd home run in 1998.

You have to hand it to BSG. Dude has created a nice little brand for himself. He has more gumption then 99% of the dipshits I grew up with or one of them would have been Batting Stance Guy. We sat around and did impressions of Julio Franco all the time. He even has an animated caricature of himself on his Twitter background.

Batting Stance Guy…… he’ll fuck your lights out.

***We realize the embed isn’t working for the video so click HERE to watch it.

*And if anyone out there can get us in touch with him, we’d really like to do an interview with him. Get at us, BSG, you sly dog you.