Get Ready for Hideous Ballplayer Week!

One of the most popular features on the blog is set to return for the second straight year. That’s right ladies and gents. Of all the slap-dickery and tom-foolery that we aspire to get done here at Diamond Hoggers, there is none greater then Hideous Ballplayer Week.

Here’s how it works, you submit to us a hideous ballplayer or baseball story of your liking to our Twitter or at Diamondhoggers_at_gmail_dot_com. We’ll do some research just to verify that the player is indeed hideous; and we’ll run the post telling you why he was hideous.

Just ask Rafael Belliard or Joe McEwing.

You can count on your editor here at Diamond Hoggers to bring you a few things off the cusp that are of course, hideous as hell.

These guys don’t have to be the guy with the lowest batting average. Being a role-player who never mattered or the 8th guy out of the bullpen will suffice; as will a story or anecdote that illustrates that particular player’s tie to hideousness. It can really be anything, even something stupid you saw them do in the bullpen or the on-deck circle.

Tune in next week to see who makes the cut. It should be fun.