Even Doug Glanville attracted cleat chasers

Doug Glanville writes about the trials that pro athletes like Tiger Woods experience. This is easy to figure. The guys are millionaires and world class athletes so naturally women are going to be all over them at the drop of a hat. This is a good read written by the former ex-Major League outfielder.

Soon after being drafted, I realized something profound: a lot of the work required to make it takes place off the field, and involves how you manage your life. I witnessed a few of my minor league counterparts blow their opportunities in part because they were trying to live the life before they had the life, burning the candle at both ends every night. If it wasn’t for Phoenix’s early club curfew, there’s no telling when players would have come home.

Because I had a few shells to bust out of, I put my toe in that party water, too. I was just 20 when I was drafted and it didn’t take long to understand that a new kind of woman was interested in me: the sort of woman who in the past had stirred my insecurity. It was like a kid finding Batman’s belt in the lost and found. No point in giving it back until you’ve tried all your new powers. But we forget to ask, will I be able to stop once I’ve tasted these powers?

Glanville (take a look at him for Chrissakes) was hardly a superstar. Further evidence that if you make it to the big leagues or a pro athlete (also see Youkilis, Kevin and Werth, Jayson) women will think you’re cool just because you’ve got the ground to stand on to act the part.