Merry Christmas from Diamond Hoggers

We here at your favorite baseball blog want to wish everyone who stops by and reads the material a Merry Christmas. Even though there is no baseball anywhere in sight, this is the best holiday of the year.

You have to admit that there’s probably something that you want this year, whether you asked for it or not. The thing is we couldn’t think of anything that we wanted. Everyone kept asking us and we just kept replying that we have everything we want. Then, even though it’s a bit of a waste; we thought of the one thing we wanted:

For Christmas all I really wanted was an iPhone 3GS. Some who are close to me might wonder why I’d even want this, because I already have a Blackberry. Well the iPhone is a lot more blogger friendly. They’ve also got that MLB application that I’m interested in learning more about, but I’m sure it’s probably a scam.

So here’s to a nice couple of days of spending time with your family and friends; or whoever you love. We hope that you get what you want and remember what the spirit of this holiday is all about.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.