Yankees bring back Nick Johnson

The Yankees have found Johnny Damon’s replacement in the form of an old farm hand. Nick Johnson is about to sign with the Yankees for a 1-year deal worth $5.5 million dollars for next season. Johnson will fill the role of Designated Hitter for the Bombers.

The Yankees are slowly but surely getting younger and doing it by replacing veterans with slightly younger but still MLB experienced vets. As Blogging the Bombers points out:

At 31, Johnson is also four years younger than Hideki Matsui, who he is essentially replacing as the DH. Throw in the fact that Curtis Granderson is more than seven years younger than Damon, and the Yankees have gotten younger while replacing Damon and Matsui with talented players.

Do we think Nick Johnson will have a lasting impact for the Yankees? No. This is hardly the splash move we’re used to them making. But they’ve already got all the big toys in their toy box. And you have to love the pic we found of him in his first go-round with the Yanks.