Winter Meetings Recap (and Granderson trade reaction)

One might wonder why we haven’t recapped the full happenings of the Winter Meetings that took place this last week.

One reason is because our team did little to nothing except announce that they’re standing pat.

The big deal was of course the Curtis Granderson trade to the Yankees. We have to say, while he’s a great player and this deal will help the Yankees in the immediate future, they gave away one hell of a prospect in Austin Jackson.

You just knew they couldn’t wait for some of their home grown talent to blossom in the minor leagues long enough to get to the grand stage. Every time the Yankees have any type of prospect worthwhile, they’re shipped out for the latest and greatest player at the MLB level.

And Yankee fans, don’t you give me that ‘so what’. It’s horse shit and you know it.

I got news for you Yankee fan. Curtis Granderson is no spring chicken. He’s 28 years old and aging quickly. How valuable do you think Granderson will be at age 33? How valuable was Devon White to the Toronto Blue Jays after he lost his wheels?

The style of ball that Granderson plays, he would be more valuable at age 23. That’s what would excite us. We’re not discounting Granderson’s ability. He’s a stud for sure. But this trade won’t mean a lot more then them acquiring Johnny Damon a few years back means right now.

Austin Jackson would have developed into a Bernie Williams type of player. Remember that when he’s hitting .300 in Comerica in a few years.

Arizona made a bone-headed move in trading Max Scherzer and Daniel Schlereth away for Edwin Jackson; who will never replicate what he did in 2009. Kevin Millwood (Rangers) was traded to Baltimore for Chris Ray. The Rangers also signed Rich Harden.

Other then that, a bunch of little rinky-dink deals that would have driven us nuts as a kid trying to replicate on whatever MLB video game we owned at the time (you know, just to keep things authentic on the game).