DH Video Select: Jose Canseco KTFO by 8 ft tall Asia man

This video is hardly new, but you know of our Jose Canseco affection. Above he’s fighting the “Hong Choi Man”, who is really named Hong Man Choi.

Best part of the video is the entrance where Canseco has a bat over his shoulder and he waltzes out to get his ass kicked to the tune of Wild Thing in Japanese. He’s also got an average looking broad with him who probably just finished double fisting Parliament Light’s backstage. All I could think about is how far the mighty have fallen when Jose gets in the ring and stairs at a man bigger then a fucking Walnut tree and if you look close enough, Canseco knows that he’s met his fate.

He lands that quick early shot in on the big man and then he goes into a run & shoot attack! Watch Jose start to head for the hills after a mock-kick around the 1:00 mark. Not long after that, he’s on the ground getting pounded.

And look at Hong Man Choi. What a monster! He’s incredible! He’ll probably live to be 118!