Peter Gammons walks away from ESPN

We’re late to the party, but it was such big news to us that we had people texting us about it. So we figured we’d log on and give our take. Peter Gammons is leaving ESPN to work for NESN full time. You figure in his old age that he would do something purely for the enjoyment. Now Peter can drown himself in Red Sox news and chowder all day long, every day.

But Gammons was the last trace of what was wonderful on Baseball Tonight. From the time we were kids he was there every night offering his sometimes meaningless tidbits (that in turn meant so much). If guys our age are honest, they will admit that they have a soft-spot for Peter.

He won’t be replaced. Tim Kurkjian is enjoyable and dorky but not in a Gammons way. Seems like we find ourselves saying this more and more nowadays, but another trace of our childhood goes spinning down the shitter. Gammons is a big music can, and he’d enjoy this wrap up on this good bye post to him. It’s true what they say. ‘Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain’.