Are the BoSox sniffing around Brandon Phillips?

Peter Gammons has some good moles within the Boston organization. All that mainstream ass-sucking will gain you that. We can’t say too many bad things about Peter Gammons. Cool dude. Baseball’s best reporter. When he talks we listen. And when he said this about Brandon Phillips, we swallowed hard:

Pedroia was an all-American shortstop at Arizona State, and takes ground balls at the position during the season. The staff has thrown it out to him, realizing that it might be easier to sign or acquire an everyday, defensive second baseman like Orlando Hudson than a shortstop. There is some hesitation about Marco Scutaro, between the plantar fasciitis that bothered him late in the season and the possibility of giving up a first-round draft pick to sign him. Although one general manager suggested that if the Blue Jays offer Scutaro arbitration, they could be stuck with $6M in arbitration at shortstop in addition to Alex Gonzalez and John McDonald. There are voices in the Red Sox organization that believe that another possibility is Brandon Phillips, who was a shortstop in the Montreal and Cleveland organizations and hit 20 homers while playing second base for the Reds last season.
Now why would they believe that? Is it because the Reds ownership group headed by fruit n’ veggie Bob are closet cheapskates? To my knowledge, Phillips hasn’t been any type of clubhouse cancer that he was advertised to be. All Phillips has done that we’ve seen is go out, rake the ball from the right side of the plate and play gold-glove quality defense at second. You move this guy, you’re asking for your knowledgable fans to be pretty pissed off. Johnny Gomes–good guy, but not a player you can ask to carry you from the right side of the plate.
The moves that go down are the moves you don’t hear much about. Rumors about Phillips have been relatively non-existent which has us concerned. If that little bald-headed GM of ours Jocketty wants a good ripping from us, then go ahead and trade Phillips. If you bring him back, you’ll at least prove to us that you’re somewhat trying to win. Letting him go is akin to letting Adam Dunn go. Winning organizations just don’t do it. There’s a lot of good baseball left in Brandon Phillips, and you have to like how he has matured. He should be a Red through his prime years, which he has just entered.