"The bottom line is this, when the D-D-T comes….then the snake comes out!"

Today we have a non-baseball nugget for our readers, but it’s well worth it. Here we have Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts on the downward slope of his Wrestling Career (a downward slope that lasted well over a decade). Jake is wrestling for an independent promotion that fields crowds slightly larger then a high school gymnasium. And on this night Jake showed up for work a few schnapps deep.

As Jake slobbers and staggers through his interview, pay particular attention to him addressing ‘Anvul’ (Jim ‘the Anvil’ Neidhart) through the entire thing. Anvil is nowhere in sight. This isn’t the only video of Snake Roberts punching the clock drunk. But it’s definitely our favorite. He is a shell from the handsome devil that started out in the early 80’s before the late nights, crack, and black women got to him.

If you were a wrestling fan growing up as a kid, you should enjoy this one. Gotta love when he comes out of character to tell ‘Mr. Cameraman’ to ‘get yer ass back up here’ and kicks out that little snake boot.