Might as well name a street after every janitor in America

We’re not trying to make Matt Stairs any type of Diamond Hoggers whipping boy here in the offseason. Surely, he’s a nice enough guy and a simple text message from a friend who is a big baseball fan (Yankees fan) was enough to get us started down the path of poking fun at Matty Stairs.

But c’mon now.

Around 150 people showed up in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada yesterday to proclaim Saturday, November 28th, “Matt Stairs Day”. The ceremony also featured the unveiling of a street sign that reads “Matt Stairs Way” (or “Matt Stairs Voie” if you speak Canadian) which will be prominently displayed on a street that intersects Royals Field in Fredericton — the place he began his professional baseball career.

If I ever venture back to Canada, I’m headed that ‘Voie’ to take a huge, steaming dump. Matt wouldn’t want it any other way.

Matt Stairs is “Honoured” with his own street name in Canada. [The Fightins]