MLB 2K10 Starring 'Evan3Longoria'

Just fix the fucking glitches that make it unplayable. “Longoria rose out of “a stable of guys” the team works with throughout the years in a role that is part consultation, part audition. Longoria also worked with 2K through a local GameStop tournament last year, helping his candidacy. Snyder wouldn’t name any of the other ballplayers in the consulting pool when I asked, but did say they were there because of their willingness to contribute. “We touch base with these guys throughout the season, picking their brains on baseball, asking them if they would be willing and able to jump in and help critique the game, and tell us what he’d like to see changed,” Snyder said. “When you’ve got an athlete willing to lend time and expertise, that’s a big deal.” []

Rays Report with confirmation of Longoria being the MLB 2k10 cover boy.