Line up and get in on the M-Cab Sweepstakes

The Detroit Tigers are interested in trading Miguel Cabrera according to some sources. Or they’re at least exploring it.
Cabrera became a source of negativity this past season when he went out and got drunk the night before the season finale one game playoff between the Tigers and Twins and got involved in a domestic dispute.
The Detroit Free Press feels that Cabrera’s contract might make him tough to trade.
Almost any time you ponder a possible trade involving at least one veteran player, the first question to ask is, “What are the contracts?”
Cabrera’s contract calls for more than $120 million over the next six years. That’s a lot for any team to commit to, even a high-payroll one like the Red Sox.
And remember, trading for Cabrera requires a steeper cost than signing a free agent for $120 million. The Red Sox or anyone else would have to give the Tigers players in return — possibly some young, low-priced players — in addition to taking on Cabrera’s contract.
That’s too much coin for 90% of the teams in the league. The other teams in play are already winning enough and don’t want to add a problem guy. Detroit might be ‘stuck’ with Cabrera. But at the same time, we’d expect someone to get creative or maybe a three team deal with the Tigers picking up some of his salary to dump him.
When a guy this talented is even mentioned in rumors, it’s an easy assumption that he is a glaring clubhouse problem. Those on the inside would probably be willing to admit that is what this is all about.