Our Shortstop Ties the knot (and swills Keystone & Flask)

A lot of folks out there are moaning for the Cincinnati Reds to go out and trade for a new shortstop because of the lack of pop our little warrior straight out of Keebler Rice University brings. But we here at Diamond Hoggers like Janish. He’s right up our alley.

And now he’s aparently a married man. We’ll have to see if the wedding band improves the lifetime .205 batting average; but by all indications Paulie looks like a cool fucking guy. Rolling with the Keystone Light, a great touch.

Here’s that ‘the gang’s all here’ shot you been waiting for. Dickerson, Stubbs, Bruce, Maloney, Herrera. No clue about slick Rick all the way on the left, but we think it’s Janish’s brother.

Diamond Hoggers sends a warm congratulations out to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Janish! Someday your children will be proud!