DH Video Select: When it Was A Game

As we did a lot last offseason, we bring you the first installment of Diamond Hoggers Video Select to help entertain you and get you through the offseason. Fair warning though, you will not always be brought baseball content within this space. It could be anything amusing, weird, funny. Anything submitted to us that strikes our fancy.

Today, we bring you baseball though. If you read this blog you probably have seen When It Was a Game. If you haven’t seen it, you need to see it. It’s basically old classic footage of the game before it got tainted with agents, cleat chasers, Selig, Barry Bonds, the Designated Hitter, and all the other evils that exist in present day baseball. Watch parts of it here.

We have to admit, when that glory music comes pumping in at the beginning and ends of the film; it really hits us at our core. It’s beautiful. We could shed a tear. I want to leave work, go buy this shit on DVD somewhere and watch it while laying around the house in my underwear. Then I wanna go play catch with my pops. It’s that kind of film.