Bill James thinks highly of some 2010 Cincinnati Reds

You can usually take Bill James’ predictions with a grain of salt. But as long as he’s giving you good marks, there should be no reason for concern. If James can forsee a big season on the horizon, then it’s as likely to happen as any other prognosticator.

And James sees a big year in 2010 for a few Cincinnati Reds:

–Joey Votto: .311, 27 HR, 90 RBI, 947 OPS

–Todd Frazier: .278, 17 HR, 69 RBI, 807 OPS

–Jay Bruce: .274, 38 HR, 95 RBI, 877 OPS

Don’t really care about the power numbers for Bruce. Would like to see the average over .270 and the OPS rise above 900 and the rest will take care of itself. That’s another very solid year for Votto but we actually think he could top that in a full season of work. If Todd Frazier can do that as a rookie, he’ll get ROY votes and make the Reds possibly think about moving Brandon Phillips to shortstop or perhaps trading him for the shortstop of the future.

Interesting indeed. Why can’t it be the 2010 season now?