Tim Lincecum cited for marijuana possesion

This offseason has started with a bang. The 2008 Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum was found to have 3.3 grams of pot on him in a traffic stop on October 30th. This isn’t a huge shocker really as Lincecum just seems (forgive us) to be a guy in MLB that would have a higher probability of liking to fire up some green. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy. Just throwing that out there.

We like Lincecum. We’ve talked to him before, sort of; and there’s a better then even chance that he was high when he was talking to us (it was very late at night). And if he was, so what.

At the same time, Lincecum is probably popular with a ton of little kids who follow baseball. That’s the part that stings just a little. You want our young stars in this league to keep a clean slate. Lincecum does seem like the kind of guy who won’t screw up again. So we’ll have to keep an eye on the next few years if he picks up a hooka habit. That’s a dead giveaway to an ex-pothead.

Tim, just start chewing tobacco dude. It’s legal, and not nearly as frowned upon.

*Cue up the pot smokers in the comments section telling us that chewing is deadly, and pot is not. Disclaimer: we know.