Yankee Fan: Are you ready for a title?

There will be no Phillies comeback. Tonight is the night, Yankees fans. On this evening, the New York Yankees will win their 27th World Championship that has eluded them for what probably seems like eternity.

You didn’t want that title celebrating at Citizens Bank Ballpark, did you? No. You want that shit to be celebrated in the Bronx in front of your hometown fans. You want it with the old soldier Andy Pettitte on the mound, winning his 18th postseason game and riding off into the sunset. You want Girardi making his rounds around the outfield warning track in a cart shaking hands with your fans. You want it with Big George and Little Hank in the ballpark that they own watching from the deepest darkest areas of the owners box.

And tonight is going to be that night. We’re not sure how, we’re not sure even why; but the New York Yankees will go out and win tonight. We’ve said all along, Yankees in six. As the game goes late, it will probably be close. There will be some doubters who mentally prepare for a game seven. But that is when the inevitable will happen. The Yankees will get some magic from those ghosts that helped them win the first 26 titles. Something late will happen that has a little twist of magic to it. And the Yankees will end the 2009 MLB season with a victory.

Yankees fans, prepare for your title celebration. Tonight’s the night. The shoe fits.