Brad Lidge is a Shotgun in the Mouth

Just want to point out that Brad Lidge is the same man we always thought he was. Another big game, another meltdown. If it weren’t for 2008’s anomaly, Lidge would be known as the Donnie Moore of the 2000’s era. Even with his perfect 2008 season, he’s really still just a shitshow.

Before a 2008 Fantasy Baseball draft, when Lidge got picked we said it: “Well, that’s a shotgun in the mouth”. It really stuck. When you look at what Lidge did last night, giving up three runs in the 9th inning on his home mound before his team has a chance to win the game in the bottom frame and even the series, well you get the picture.

He’s done in Philadelphia. Done. When A-Rod roped that double, he threw that straight ball right down the dick to him. No one makes more mistake pitches into the hot zone at big moments then Brad Lidge.

Somewhere, Byung-Hung Kim is smiling.