A-Rod, Yankees take 2-1 Series lead over Phillies

New York won a big game last night, and those who watched it would agree it was Alex Rodriguez’s historic home run that could be looked at as a turning point in this series. Everyone know the recap. Let’s give you a take.
The Yankees shouldn’t start CC Sabathia tonight. This game is on the national stage with the NFL taking the night off and giving way to the World Series for this one Sunday and one Sunday only. The Yankees should start Chad Gaudin and take their chances with the kid. Give Sabathia his extra rest and let him go a deciding game 5 if it’s 2-2. Now, they’re skipping Gaudin unless they win tonight and everyone gets squeezed on the rest. That’s all fine and dandy as long as they get the win tonight. If they don’t, it opens up room for the Phillies to catapault and win this series. It could be a free fall if they don’t win tonight.
As far as World Series game 3 goes, Cole Hamels got shelled. Andy Pettitte got that 17th postseason victory. The guy is a horse, dependable as they come. Not going without notice is Jayson Werth hit two bombs and now has seven in the postseason. He’s swinging the bat pretty well–there we said it.
Look for offense to be the theme these next two games in Philly. These teams were taking good swings last night which is the opposite of what we saw the first two games. Have a great Sunday.