Jay-Z, Pedro, Big Tex homers, Burnett, and Game Two Hoopla

A look at game two’s unique moments in case you weren’t watching baseball’s grandest stage:

A lot was made of the Jay-Z performance that took place before game two. And in case you missed it, yes he played Empire State of Mind.

The Prince of New York steps in for one more go around against Pedro to lead off the game for the Yankees.

Our buddy that we watched the game with remarked that Joe Girardi ‘looks like an AIDS patient’. He sure doesn’t show much emotion. He’s finally in the World Series win column. And they were thinking about shitcanning this guy at any point? Shame on them.

Raul Ibanez made the play of the game most likely (unless you want to count the double play turned by the Yankees in the 8th inning with Utley at the plate).

Mark sent a ‘Tex message’ into the bullpen in left center to tie the game at 1. This woke up the Yankee crowd that was a non-factor until that point.

She like Matsui.

This is a baseball blog, but it’s also a dipping blog. And when it comes to dipping, A.J. fuckin‘ Burnett must absolutely sleep with a dip in. Burnett was dominant tonight. This is the guy we pictured for most of the year for the Yankees, and why we picked him to win the Cy Young. Bottom line is he saved the series and is probably going to end up being the Yankees win this series if he’s anything close to what he was tonight in his next start, which he pretty much guaranteed himself.

Pedro getting the last laugh but not really. The Yankee fans were on edge about this guy all night and he pretty much delivered. He had no business going back out there in the 7th though to surrender another run with 99 pitches logged. Another Charlie Manuel-esque call.