World Series Game One Screen-Shottage

We’re trying something new here on the blog. We found out how to screen grab. We’re pretty excited about it. We’ll do this for all the World Series games and we’ll find some of the best moments captured in HD. Next season, for whatever games we watch you’ll get this special treat as well. So now for the selections from game one:

Still the ugliest player in baseball, bar-none. Jayson Werth ladies and gentleman.

Cliff Lee, clear the mechanism. It’s going to be a special night for you son.

Lee zones in on his next victim. Hard to believe that Lee’s effort last night is statistically being compared to when Bob Gibson struck out 17 hitters and beat Denny Mcclain and the Tigers in game one of the 1968 World Series.

Let us not forget, this was Alex Rodriguez’s first World Series game of his career. He went 0-4 with 3 K’s. He’s still hitting .389 this postseason and Yankee fans better stay up on A-Rod because it’s obvious they’re going to need him to slay leftie pitching to win it.

Charlie Manuel is a rooster. And roosters crow.

Utley circling the bases on the first of his two homers. “Boo me? Fuck you. Again.”

It’s not the MLB Postseason without Buck & Mccarver. People really seem to hate Tim Mccarver. We don’t get it. Timmy is much less an asshole then Joe Buck. People will argue that Buck is actually good at what he does. Nah.