Jay Bruce will be better in 2010–according to statistics!

There’s a lot to pick apart from this post over at Fangraphs.com.

Basically, there are several major reasons that Jay Bruce will have a nice 2010 season. And although it may be the postseason, we’re Reds fans. This shit is just as important as what the Yankees and Phillies do. Actually, it’s more important. This is the franchise we’re talking about.

Cincy’s franchise player had a .373 BABIP in the minor leagues, and a .298 major league mark in 2008. In 2009, his BABIP dropped off a cliff (.222). That was the lowest BABIP among batters taking 350+ trips to the plate.


Jay Bruce has all the ingredients to be a superstar. In a “disappointing” year, he showed top-shelf power, improved strike-zone discipline and better contact ability. Fantasy owners aren’t going to get another chance to acquire The Boss with anything less than a premium draft pick. If at all possible, nab Bruce now, before he becomes a perennial first-rounder.

Great to see press like this for our boy, especially from a reputable site that does it’s statistical homework like Fangraphs.

Believe in Jay Bruce [Fangraphs.com]