Off-Topic: The Sure Fire Cure to any Hangover

You might think this post is a bit out of left field, but there is yet another day off of baseball so we have shit like this to talk about. We discovered this little angel over the summer when a guy we hit the town with brought a couple juice packs of it and left it in our fridge. He swore by it. So much in fact that he forgot them the next morning before his 2 rounds of golf and suffered through his own bitting hangover all day. Thank God for us, because we took his advice and drank them in his absence. Hangover gone within an hour.

We’ve done our fair share of drinking. Nothing is worse in your mid-twenties then a skull splitting hangover. It can make you question whether you are actually living or dying. Which is why we’re reccomending coconut water. Seriously, we have no other reason to shill for this stuff except for the fact that it really works. And we think there is a fair share of readers out there who try to go out hard and play hurt the next day.

Pick up a couple of these. Suck them down the morning after you tie one on. You’ll thank us.