Indians hire Manny Acta as manager. No, really.

Last week we spoke about our surprise that the Indians were actually interviewing legitimate candidates for their managerial opening. And then we said that they’ll end up going the cheap route, so don’t you get too excited.

We were right. The Cleveland Indians will name Manny Acta (freshly off the firing line from the Washington Nationals) their next manager in a press conference today.

Why, exactly would you want this guy? And let’s say money isn’t involved. His career winning percentage is .385 and had he not been fired last year the Nationals may have went on to lose more games than any other team in a single season of baseball history.

The Indians once again dropped the ball. Mark Shapiro, Larry Dolan or a combination of both have royally fucked up here to put it bluntly. And as we said at last year’s trading deadline, in 2010 they’ll be looking to deal Grady Sizemore and any other veteran who shows promise. Cleveland is lucky to have LeBron James, because without him that is the most miserable sports town on the planet.

Shame on you Indians.

Update: Aparently the Houston Astros were sweet on Manny Acta.