Yankees will advance tonight — book it and lock it

Tonight is important for the Yankees World Series title hopes. If they want their rotation to match up in the most ideal of ways against the Phillies they need to wrap things up tonight. There are headlines in the New York papers speculating that if Girardi and the Yanks blow this series, he should be out. Are you kidding me? They’re not going to blow the series. Worry about it when it happens. New York is the master of jumping the gun. Where does all this paranoia come from with these spoiled fuckers? Is that what happens when you get used to winning?

Worry not Yankees fans. Tonight’s Andy Pettite/Tony Saunders tilt heavily favors the Yankees. We said New York in 6 all along, and New York in 6 it will be. The Yankees will be popping bottles around midnight tonight. And not that we’re rooting against the upstart Angels. It’s been a hell of a run and a hell of a story. The way they stream-rolled the Boston Red Sox was inspiring. They’ve played tough baseball against the Yankees and the ball has fallen New York’s way. You can’t take anything away from Anaheim. The Yankees are just better, and deeper. This team has known for months that it has to get to the World Series. Anaheim is overmatched. For them to even steal two games in this series is a testament to their heart and their manager.

But tomorrow, they’ll be talkin about an I-95 World Series that begins Wednesday night.