"Swish thinks your hot baby"

So we’re sitting and watching ALCS game 5 last evening with our buddy and Nick Swisher is up with the game on the line in the top of the 9th inning. Bases loaded, 2 outs, Yankees down 7-6 and trying to get a trip to the World Series. But in the living room we sat in, it was simply the back story.

Our buddy calls out in a creepy Dirk Diggleresque voice: “What a dick. ‘Swish thinks your hot baby.'”

We say back “What are you talking about” with a laugh.

He says “I’ve never told you this story? C’mon.”

Apparently, on his summer league team there were about 5 or so players who played with Swisher on the Ohio State Buckeyes, where he earned the moniker ‘Nick the Dick Swisher’. They’d tell stories about the legend Swisher and here were a few:

-When Swisher was out on campus or wherever, his favorite line was “Swish thinks your hot baby” when talking to females. Yes, he referred to himself only in 3rd person. But the best part was the whisper he did it in. As our buddy said, what kind of cocky bastard really does that? What a doucher.

-When Swisher was a senior at Ohio State, his head coach Bob Todd had a shaving policy. Swish refused to shave, so he was benched because he wouldn’t show up to the field without his stubble. What a gamer.

We’ve probably heard a Nick Swisher story for every day of your life. But “Swish thinks your hot baby” might be our favorite.