Phillies advance to second World Series in two years

Those sumbitches from Philly are headed back to the World Series for what will most likely be dubbed the “I-95 Series”. We have to be honest, for as much as we wanted to see someone knock off the Phillies (anyone) they definitely look to be the only team to be a match for the mighty Yankees, and no one else is really even close after that.
We’d like to add–what the hell has gotten into Jayson Werth? Someone want to wake this prick up and let him know that he’s a garbage role-player? We’ll say this, the guy had a great season and he’s becoming an icon to Philly fans. Our girlfriend wouldn’t even admit that he’s ugly. What is the world coming to? If he played for the Seattle Mariners he wouldn’t even be noteworthy. But because he’s a Phillies player, he’s going to get recognition all over the MLB world. And he’s doing his best to make us look like fools for ever calling him a scrub. We’ll say it now, this was your dream season Jayson Werth, you’ll never replicate it. Enjoy it while it lasts, scumbag. You are reason alone to root for the Yankees.

Oh yeah and this bunch:

Congrats Philly. You earned it and we’re sure this will be a pretty good World Series. Full preview to come once the Yankees wrap up their business in a game or two (we don’t exactly think it will be tonight).