Will baseball turn over it's eyes to Robots?

There’s already some speculation as to whether or not MLB should replace their human error factored umpires with robots (much like line judges in tennis). Granted, Phil Cuzzi’s call in game two of the LDS at Yankee Stadium was horrific. But don’t errant calls just add to the game when you think of replacing our own with robots?

One has to ask the question, when you think of everything being automated in judging fair or foul balls, balls and strikes, outs, etc.–don’t you kind of get that cozy/feel at home factor knowing that human umpires will screw up? Won’t you take the bad with the good to have humans stay in the game as umpire and not some computer designated system that has technology imported into the baseballs and God knows how out of hand it could really get…..

Phew. Makes us sweat just thinking about it. No system is unbeatable. The technology would screw up too should MLB ever go that route.