The Angels are making us look wise

[Box Score]

So we wanna know, who else out there; expert or fan, picked the Angels to beat the Red Sox in this series? Where you at? ‘Cause we did. This is remniscient of us picking the ALCS and NLCS of 2008 and then calling the Phillies in 6 for the World Series after everyone thought the Rays would roll.
We just know baseball folks.
And the Anaheim Angels were primed for this run. They owed Boston a trip home for the offseason. Boston is getting old and needs some re-tooling. And did you see 26 year old Jered Weaver last night? Guy was phenomenal. That start last night probably felt no bigger then the start he marched out to the mound the first game the Angels played after the Nick Adenhart tragedy.
This series is over. Theo Epstein is going to have a few extra weeks off this year to chase women.