He’s finally Gonna beee Gone!

In case you haven’t heard, or just really don’t care; Reds play by play anouncer George Grande has decided to retire. And we mentioned it in passing the other day, but it deserved a post all of its own.

And he’ll be missed. Sort of. We always thought of Grande (and his off the cuff calls) as that weird uncle that shows up for some of the holidays that you’re never quite sure how to take. He says things that are out of place. He invents things. He’s curiously positive, often making chicken soup out of chicken shit situations. He wore shirts that a driving instructor would own a closet-full of.

But you know what? We got used to Grande. We liked having the game on with a buddy or two over and having something to poke fun at while we trailed 8-1 in the 3rd inning. That’s what we’re going to miss.

So George, thank you for the memories and good luck to you in your future. You’re sure to make a wonderful house husband. That’s if your wife can put up with your rambling and fucking stories that no one cares about. Takes a strong woman!