The Regular season is over

Where did this season go? I mean, truly. We’ve got to get through a whole fall, a whole winter, February; and then Spring Training just to get meaningful baseball. Seems like this season hit the skids for Ohio baseball fans before it ever really got going. Grady Sizemore and Jay Bruce had big injuries. Joey Votto spent some time on the DL. But then again, there were some high points without a doubt. Homer Bailey arrived as a legitimate big league pitcher. We seem to have a talented lineup heading into 2010, where we figure to be at least predicted to be formidable. But overall, where did this summer and season go? It just dwindled as quick as it ever has.

On a side note, George Grande has decided to hang up the vocal chords of annoyance. Hard to believe we’ll never get to hear him call a game again.

Stay tuned, before Wednesday you’ll get a lot of postseason fluffer in the way of previews and such.