Reds do away with Dick

The Cincinnati Reds have decided they’ve had enough Dick. This includes them bringing back all coaches including that worthless ass sore Brook Jacoby. This is horse-shit. Pole hasn’t done a poor job this season; the Reds pitchers have actually done alright in our opinion.

My buddy always made the joke that he could picture Dick Pole heading into the shitter stall in the Reds clubhouse with a newspaper tucked under his arm; ready to unleash all the fury in the world on a Reds toilet. No clue how he came up with that but for whatever the reason–we could see it! It just fits.

So today when we texted him “Dick Pole fired by Redlegs” he texted us back with ‘why? for taking too many in-game dumps?’

You will be missed, Dick. Windbreaker and all.